About Us

Our Name

Ortomatic: from “orto”, ancient Greek word for “right, correct”, and “automatic”, meaning “that performs action without human supervision”.

Our Philosophy

Ortomatic is an independent watch company based in Italy, founded by a mechanical engineer with a long-lasting passion for mechanical and automatic watches. He collects watches and loves to swap them according to the occasion and the mood. He set out to design beautiful and minimalist watches, of the highest quality, and to sell them at affordable prices, making them available to a global audience of watch enthusiasts.

Today we have a choice between “fashion watches'', cheap timepieces of poor quality and design that will last one season, or “luxury watches'', extremely expensive mechanical masterpieces with sophisticated design and craftsmanship that will become classics. There must be another way.

We design our mechanical watches with the same specifications of true mechanical automatic watches and to be affordable to watch enthusiasts like us. We do this by reproducing the value chain of luxury watches and by using the power of the web to cut all middlemen that drive up the price of luxury watches..

Limited Edition: Only 500 Watches

All our models are limited editions of 500 pieces, each one individually numbered on the case. After a model has been sold out, it will never be produced again!

This is what Ortomatic stands for. We will never produce fashion watches. We will never produce quartz watches. You can rely on us for your sophisticated timepieces that will please you for years to come.